How to open a presentation

How to open a presentation by Avi Salmon

If you are a fairly grown up and modern individual with fairly modern job, you have probably done some presentations. If you care about these presentation and how they are perceived you probably have read books, attended training of some sort. I belong to category of people love to give and get presentation, of any sort. I respect and like people with great presentation skills. Regardless if they are trained or naturally talented!

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Search & filter Spotify for classical music

I switched over from Naxos Music Library to Spotify for some time ago and since then tried to get better at finding classical music. I used to use Naxos Music Library, which is a good service, however, it is limited to Naxos productions. There are lots of talented artists that use other labels then Naxos.

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Spotify for Classical music listeners

I listen to classical music. Of course, I dance to and enjoy other types of music. However, when it comes to serious listening, it is always classical music.
I used Naxos Music Library for a year. A great alternative with access to majority of classical pieces. However, the number of artists are limited. It is only the Naxos productions of course.

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Preparing for a race …

Preparing for a race is a funny activity, specially if you don’t know how … It seems that either you are 100% dedicated and should read up and join a cult or what ever you do will not be enough! So I did what every sane person would do, started to read everything I could get my hands on! Slowley, I am becoming a nerd … I can feel it.

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Review of “Book of Metrics” by “innovation pioneers”

I got this book based on a presentation from my MBA studies. It was a great lecture about innovation portfolio management. So the lecturer had my attention and trust. He recommended it, I bought the book!
Very short, it is about a number of large successful Swedish companies being interviewed about how they handle innovations

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Silent “New Mail Alert” on the iPhone

There is only one…. ONE thing in the whole world that bugs me with the iPhone. I would like to have “new email” alerts only by vibrate and no sound. The sound drives my family crazy! I am already crazy so !

There is no built in feature for a silent “new email” alert. Either you have sound+vibration or nothing at all.

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Steve Jobs by Walter Isacsson

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

  Telling a good story is easy. Telling a story really good is much harder. Walter Isaacson’s ability to tell a story about a mans life. A man like Steve Jobs! I have a built in skepticism  about biographies. It you think you are important enough to write about your life … well, maybe you think you […]

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Great By Choice by Jim Collins

Great by Choice by Jim Collins & Morten T. Hansen

Jim Collins is one of my all time favorites. He has a rare gift of balancing the science, reality of everyday business and passion. I started by reading the “Good to Great” and then the other older books. Have been waiting for this one since it was first mentioned on Jim Collins website.

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