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Step 3/7, Resourceful State

Any change in life requires energy, motivation and discipline! Change is hard; regardless to the better or to the worse, changing one state to another requires always energy and discipline. Simple physics really! In order to really make the change and keep the change as your “normal” state you have to work very hard. One ingredient short of […]

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10 trends to look out for

According to McKinsey quarterly (see below for reference), here are 10 trends for look out for for coming 12-15 month. I have added some comments about the trends. There is no specific order of importance. Trend 1: Distributed cocreation moves into the mainstream. We have had this for some time now. For the last couple of years, […]

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To-do or NOT to-do, that is the question!

I am a dedicated GTD (Getting Things Done) person. Recently I have started to work with something I call GMD (Getting More Done). See earlier blogs on GTD and setting the right goals. Recently I have been working with helping people creating and maintaining relevant and achievable to-do lists. It has become more and more apparent to […]

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Steve Job Principles

I have developed this curiosity about Steve Job as person and leader. It is amazing that a leader of his magnitude actually produces, contributes and involves people both internally and externally. Working for a large US-based company this type of leaders is not very common. It fascinates me that Apple and Steve Jobs can reach […]

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Confession of a public speaker by Scott Berkun

If you are a public speaker or do a lot of presentations this book is really good resource. Scott Berkun writes in a very accessible way. The book is a mix of advise, experience and general information that is presented in a interesting way. The combination of techniques and real-life experience makes the chapters fun […]

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