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Looking past limits by Caroline Casey

We all handle our “reality” in different ways. Some people are limiting by nature. They have a gift of finding what could be wrong with everything. Some people see themselves as victims of circumstances or victims of life. A huge number of people blame their parents, spouse, God, boss etc for their failure or shortcomings. Very few […]

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Power of Storytelling in technical training

Telling stories during technical training made all the difference! I worked as a IT-instructor within programming and internet security for many years for different international companies. Got a lot of good feedback on both the training material and my own performance. We used the exact same material and my colleagues didn’t have the same success […]

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Thoughts on Steve Jobs Stanford Address 2005

Some time ago I started to read about Steve Jobs person and leadership. The more you read about his personality the more interesting it gets. The only problem is to filter out all the rumors and third-person or n:th person rumors and talk. So I stopped reading about people who used to know Steves dog-nanny’s cousin. […]

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Steve Job Principles

I have developed this curiosity about Steve Job as person and leader. It is amazing that a leader of his magnitude actually produces, contributes and involves people both internally and externally. Working for a large US-based company this type of leaders is not very common. It fascinates me that Apple and Steve Jobs can reach […]

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