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Book reviews of interesting books. Normally, the books I don’t like will never make it here. Unless they really upset me.

How to open a presentation by Avi Salmon

If you are a fairly grown up and modern individual with fairly modern job, you have probably done some presentations. If you care about these presentation and how they are perceived you probably have read books, attended training of some sort. I belong to category of people love to give and get presentation, of any […]

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Review of “Book of Metrics” by “innovation pioneers”

I got this book based on a presentation from my MBA studies. It was a great lecture about innovation portfolio management. So the lecturer had my attention and trust. He recommended it, I bought the book! Very short, it is about a number of large successful Swedish companies being interviewed about how they handle innovations

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Great by Choice by Jim Collins & Morten T. Hansen

Jim Collins is one of my all time favorites. He has a rare gift of balancing the science, reality of everyday business and passion. I started by reading the “Good to Great” and then the other older books. Have been waiting for this one since it was first mentioned on Jim Collins website.

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Linchpin by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors right now. Very few authors can hold and balance content/subject/brevity as good as Seth can. Linchpin is a great book about what makes the winners, the successful people/employees/bosses etc. He starts by defining and giving many examples. The different qualities and trates of a linchpin and why this […]

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Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins By Annette Simmons

Annette Simmons is one of my favorites. I read and reviewed the “Story Factor”. It is one of the best Storytelling books available right now. There are a large number of storytelling, presentation technique etc. books and they are growing. What is peculiar with the whole thing is that there are a surprisingly number of really […]

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Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko

This is an interesting book with an interesting approach and layout. Each chapter is dedicated for a specific technique. There are a number of examples for each technique. I enjoyed a lot of the chapters, however, I found 35% of the content too hypothetical and far fetched. Of course this depends on who you are […]

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Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

If you are interesting in motivation, leadership etc. you have hear about Anthony or Tony Robbins. There are hundereds good speakers and there are thousands of really bad motivational speakers. Tony is on the top 10 of these guys. You can have your opinion about the speakers as well as the people listening to them. I […]

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Review of “The Story Factor” by Annette Simmons

By Annette Simmons, link to the book at Amazon:The Story Factor Discovering the value of story telling. I worked as an IT-instructor within programming and internet security for many years for different international companies. Got a lot of good feedback on both the training material and my own performance. We used the exact same material […]

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