GTD is done, now what?

Well, I guess you are already familiar with David Allens book Getting things done [] . It is a great book and if you haven’t read it or listened to the audiobook[], you should.

In few words, David teaches how to use simple tricks to organize your life and keep it organized. If you don’t have it in you naturally, it will take some time but the techniques are so easy that anyone can do it. The book is really an easy read. Also available in number of different languages. Here is a link for the book in Swedish! [].

When people try to sell you the GTD theory and practice, they advertise with utopia of productivity, effectiveness, balance in life etc.

Once you have the GTD routines in place and you feel that it works for you,  you will have questions. Now what? is that it? Let’s say that you don’t fall of the wagon. You don’t let your inbox get larger than 15 messages at the most during the week. No loose stacks of paper, no undocumented thoughts that keep you awake at night. Is that really it? Are you really living in a perfect balance? Well, I have another idea!

GTD wasn’t really that hard for me. Within a week I had re-organized my life according to GTD and have had a pretty good control since … However, the other day I was frustrated by my limitations in coming up with a good company presentation. It became more and more obvious that I had more limitations than resources, in the middle of despair, I saw the light. GTD wasn’t the answer. GTD is good if you are “behind” in living in a balance with your professional and private life. However, if you are in balance and want more, you have to have another technique.

You need something that will challenge you on many levels and puts you in a resourceful state of mind. When you are in this state, the state of “flow”, believe me it will be as close as you can get to sex!

There is a seven-step blog series that will go through what I call GMD, Getting More Done.

I am planning for two blogs a week, (I have a day job!!).

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing about it. PLEASE provide feedback.
Have a great day!
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