Introduction to GMD blog series

If you haven’t read the introduction to this series of blogs, take a quick look before reading on.

Here is the outline of the coming blogs,

  1. Introduction to Getting Things Done with references to some really good sites. Most of all you will get a sales managers view of things with real life examples. I will try to keep it as simple and short as possible. Also, I assume that you have some knowledge about the subject. There will be many references!

  3. Prologue to the “day after” successful GTD implementation. The common sales pitch of GTD is that it will bring order; order will bring more success etc. I will show that this is not the case. You can be a perfectly organized unsuccessful person. Success comes with something else. Success doesn’t come with better organizing your files, e-mails and thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, it helps and it is a requirement. However, you will have to do something else to get the results you want in your life.

  5. The three steps of being creative, successful & keeping the drive. First of all you need to define what success is for you. If you haven’t done that, there is no way you can be successful. Because, you have to recognize your success once you get it.
    When this is done you have to create techniques to keep on producing and keeping the drive. Once you taste the flow, you will be addicted to it … The feeling of achievement and your personal drive will have effects on people and processes around you. You will be surprised.

  7. Take responsibility. How often do you discuss a matter important and you automatically “blame” it on someone else? Or at least blame it on the corporate, customers, circumstances etc. My favorite is the never-ending blame on central marketing. I was probably the best in this blame game in our company.
    Time management

    Time management

    Play a quick mind game! Imagine you are the CEO or owner of the company you work for. If you had everything you needed how would you solve your problem?
    In my case, I suddenly discovered that I could do just about anything. Don’t misunderstand me, I live in the real life with limited power and sometimes not even that. My shear energy, fire and willingness affect the people around me to achieve things they normally would never do for me or even themselves. This is so empowering that I have achieved impressing results. I will give you number of examples rather than try to “teach” about it.


  9. Create the flow in you life. Occasionally I surprise myself and people around me with exceptional ideas. At least I get the feedback as if it was a great idea. As much as I love the feeling, I hate it when it goes quite. For some reason the great ideas degrade to good to average and very quickly to quite bad. Interestingly enough when they hit average and bad I try to compensate with quantity. In this blog I am going to talk about how to get to the level and state of mind of being resourceful and keeping the flow. It is a tough work. It requires both a creative mind and also a tough coach telling you not to slip and let go of the flow. Once you let it go, you will get back to your old self … (good or bad)

  11. Master, autonomy, purpose, Daniel Pink, wrote the book about Flow. A very interesting book. I got very influences by Daniels ideas and the book. In this blog, I will talk about how to apply these ideas in a sales managers life and get good results from it.

  13. Lastly, I will try to provide the big picture. Try to gather all the puzzles for a successful, effective, creative and productive professional. Once you have experienced it you will know what to look for. I work hard everyday to experience this. I would like to show you how I used these techniques to create a creative environment where my sales team and I achieve our goals and get things done in an impressive way.

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