Step 3/7, Resourceful State

Any change in life requires energymotivation and discipline!
Change is hard; regardless to the better or to the worse, changing one state to another requires always energy and discipline. Simple physics really! In order to really make the change and keep the change as your “normal” state you have to work very hard.

One ingredient short of the secret behind instant weight loss!

Let me start with an example; one of the most common reasons for why people cannot loose and keep their desired weight is that they lack an ingredient in the recipe for successful implementation of change.

The secret is the right state!

That secret ingredient is the right state. Anthony Robbins calls it the “resourceful state”, Daniel Pink calls it “Drive”. The secret ingredient is based in a psychological change where you are completely and utterly convinced that YOU are the responsible individual for everything that happens in your life.

Here are the three things in this secret recipe:

1- Take responsibility for everything in your life, professional and private. Don’t think that you can divide your life to independent parts. You will never be happy in your private life and visa versa if you don’t take responsibility in both worlds. Once you have achieved this state of mind, you will begin to feel empowered, suddenly, you are in charge and the lead player. You will come up with fewer excuses for not achieving your goals.

2- Have discipline for keeping the same goal and aim relentlessly toward the same goal. Many people like having goals so much that they set new goals everyday. One very interesting thing that I see often in my professional life is people tend to change goals rather than admit to themselves that they failed at what they aimed on doing. This is nothing than a trick for keeping your ego happy. It is completely ineffective and un-productive. I see it almost once a week, how people re-design their goals rather than actually making an effort. My favorite most hated phrase is “Well, I did my best!” or “Let see how far we get and be content with that”.

3- Concentrate on what drives you forward. For GTD people it is the new wallet, pen, software, paper or what ever else the GTD companies want you to buy. For overweight people it is always the new diet. Concentrate on the essence of your goal. Create a NOT to-do list. Keep your discipline in reaching your goals. Be observant on distractions and Meta-tools. I.e. stop buying yet another to-do software or changing to another diet.

Organize your work, concentrate on one thing and stop eating! It is that easy!

It is hard to keep your self-organized. Everyone and I mean everyone once in a while will look for better to-do software hoping that this one will make the difference. Everyone once in a while will change his or her eating habits to something utterly stupid with the hope to loose weight. Even if they know that eating fat and no carbs is not the way the human body is designed to function.

Before taking another step, find out what drives and motivates you. Take responsibility and be in a resourceful state. Once there nothing will stop you in achieving your goals.

If you find any of the above interesting there are some really good and important reading material. Look in the “book review” category for all the must-reads.

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