Looking past limits by Caroline Casey

We all handle our “reality” in different ways. Some people are limiting by nature. They have a gift of finding what could be wrong with everything. Some people see themselves as victims of circumstances or victims of life. A huge number of people blame their parents, spouse, God, boss etc for their failure or shortcomings. Very few actually see themselves as being responsible for where they are in life.

Sometimes you see people like Caroline Casey where they show. They don’t lecture/tell/teach. They show by action what is possible. They show by action what can be done. They give you a new frame of reference on what a “problem” can be!

Watch this TED talk or save it for later. Caroline Casey will at least give you something to think and talk about for the coming couple of days.



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  1. Nikki June 10, 2011 at 10:16 #

    Your answer was just what I nedeed. It’s made my day!

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