Looking past limits by Caroline Casey

We all handle our “reality” in different ways. Some people are limiting by nature. They have a gift of finding what could be wrong with everything. Some people see themselves as victims of circumstances or victims of life. A huge number of people blame their parents, spouse, God, boss etc for their failure or shortcomings. Very few […]

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Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko

This is an interesting book with an interesting approach and layout. Each chapter is dedicated for a specific technique. There are a number of examples for each technique. I enjoyed a lot of the chapters, however, I found 35% of the content too hypothetical and far fetched. Of course this depends on who you are […]

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Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

If you are interesting in motivation, leadership etc. you have hear about Anthony or Tony Robbins. There are hundereds good speakers and there are thousands of really bad motivational speakers. Tony is on the top 10 of these guys. You can have your opinion about the speakers as well as the people listening to them. I […]

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Part 2/2: Advanced searching & saving searches

This is the last of two blogs, here is a link to the first one. Once you have played with the shortcuts and the simple search syntax it is time to create more advanced searches. Setting the scope: Here are some of keywords to limit and scope of your search. notebook: to limit which notebook […]

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Part 1 of 2: Effective searching in EverNote

Searching is key in any media/circumstance. In the old days who ever could do a good search at Altavista, Yahoo or eventually Google was the king. I even had searching classes back in university for faculty and other students. Since than has the search engines evolved to let any type of search produce decent results. […]

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Step 4/7 Taking responsibility, a crucial insight!

How often do you discuss an important matter and you finding the discussion to automatically “blame” it on someone else? Or at least blame it on the company, customers, circumstances etc. My favorite is the never-ending blame on central marketing. I was probably the best in this blame game in our company. Play a quick […]

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EverNote Attributes used for GTD

EverNote is a great tool for gathering, organizing and handling things. In earlier blogs I talk about why the simplicity is exactly the thing that makes EverNote superior to any other tool. Searching, attributes and folder is just enough features for a general GTD practitioner. Sometimes you just like to have certain functionality or automation that […]

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Search vs. categorization, tagging and adv. sorting

I have spent many years on working with optimization of life and work. Have read/practiced most of the techniques from the old time-management stuff for 15 years ago until the most modern philosophies and tools. Dependent on where you are in your development, let me give you a quick advice! Search beats categorization 100% of the time […]

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EverNote templates

Once you get to know EverNote, you will start to have customized requirements. Many notes as in meetings, reports and quick info captures has the same format and content. Having a template saves lots of time. Unfortunately, EverNote doesn’t have a template feature yet. Here is a short tutorial on how to work around this […]

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