10 trends to look out for

According to McKinsey quarterly (see below for reference), here are 10 trends for look out for for coming 12-15 month. I have added some comments about the trends. There is no specific order of importance.

  • Trend 1: Distributed cocreation moves into the mainstream.
    We have had this for some time now. For the last couple of years, specially after the economical crisis, the companies start to look at alternatives and find that there is an huge potential in what they call “free software”.The public domain software and open source is not just about free software. Open source is just the one form f the distributed public cocreation.
  • Trend 2: Making the network the organization
  • Trend 3: Collaboration at scale
  • Trend 4: The growing ‘Internet of Things’
    Well, dependent on what they mean and how they came to this. I still think having everything connected to internet is not really of value. Some companies just work with trial/error with their product development. Toasters with IP numbers, fridges with IP numbers. All funny ideas, but you have to think more like Apple. Create something that works all the way and brings value.
  • Trend 5: Experimentation and big dataI read about some analytical work of the data and trends from Twitter messages. Very interesting how a topic explodes exponentially and disappears. They even tried to see how information reaches the masses and the benefits of it. The environmental catastrophe in Japan reached more people through Twitter than news papers for the first time in history.
  • Trend 6: Wiring for a sustainable world
    Yes in the same to-do list of world peace and environmental sound products etc. There are many steps and years left.
  • Trend 7: Imagining anything as a service
  • Trend 8: The age of the multisided business model
    Well, I have seen so many company that invests in an iPad app and calls it their web strategy.
  • Trend 9: Innovating from the bottom of the pyramid
    A nice thought, happens very seldom. More luck than skill.
  • Trend 10: Producing public good on the grid
    Commercial public good with no hidden agenda !? Beg to differ!

Originaly published McKinsey on 10 Tech Trends at: http://bit.ly/hkgeM2

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