Part 2/2: Advanced searching & saving searches

This is the last of two blogs, here is a link to the first one. Once you have played with the shortcuts and the simple search syntax it is time to create more advanced searches.

Setting the scope:

Here are some of keywords to limit and scope of your search.
notebook: to limit which notebook to search.
tag: to limit which tag.
resource: to limit the files you might have added to your notes. The different resource types are: application/*, image/*, audio/*. Either you use the * or you provide the correct type as in PDF, JPG, MP3, PNG etc.
author: in case you have different authors. Note that if you add e-mails to your notes the author of the e-mail will be in your note.
created: the date when the note was created. One very good syntax is :
created:day-30 which results in notes 30 days back from today.

Here are two examples:
notebook:”future blogs” tag:todo evernote –microsoft
All the notes from the Future Blog notebook with the tag todo with word evernote but not microsoft.

tag:todo resource:application/pdf author:”Shahram”
All the notes with the tag todo including a PDF file with the author set to “Shahram

The above are the ones that I use; here are some other keywords that you might find useful.
intitle: any text in the title of the note
todo: if you use checkboxes in your notes, you can search for these with the notation todo:true or todo:false.
longitude, latitude, altitude
updated, the date for the last update.

Save your search to create a “customized view”

One very important feature is “saved searches”. Once you are happy with your search you can save the search by choosing New Saved Search from the File menu.

Saved searches provides a custom view. It gives you the possibility of creating a custom set of notes that are very specific in nature. For example; When I write some of my blogs I use quotes from books, some images stolen from the internet and snippets of text that I write in different notebooks.
I have created a search to get all the taged items, resources and notebooks for me to use at the writing time. In this way I don’t have to re-arrange my notes or notebooks to get the desired result.

Best of luck and I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Latrice June 11, 2011 at 13:35 #

    At last! Somenoe who understands! Thanks for posting!


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