Steve Job Principles

I have developed this curiosity about Steve Job as person and leader. It is amazing that a leader of his magnitude actually produces, contributes and involves people both internally and externally.

Work with things you love!

Working for a large US-based company this type of leaders is not very common. It fascinates me that Apple and Steve Jobs can reach this level of success and sophistication and still being involved in products and product development. It seems that the higher up, the less involved, at least from under the rock I am looking up from.

Here is a list I have gathered from different resources on the internet.

  • Work with things You Love.
  • Think differently about your career. Put a Dent in the Universe.
  • Think differently about your vision. Kick Start Your Brain.
  • Think differently about how you think. Sell Dreams, Not Products.
  • Think differently about your customers. Say No to 1,000 Things.
  • Think differently about design. Create Insanely Great Experiences.
  • Think differently about your brand experience. Master the Message.
  • Think differently about your story


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