How to open a presentation by Avi Salmon

How to open a presentation

How to open a presentation: By Avi Salmon


If you are a fairly grown up and modern individual with fairly modern job, you have probably done some presentations. If you care about your presentations and how they are perceived, you probably have read books and attended training in the subject. I belong to category of people love to give and get presentation, of any sort. I respect and like people with great presentation skills. Regardless if they are trained or naturally talented!

I have read dozens of books on this subject. Some of them reviewed here and most of them reviewed at I was recommended this book or rather booklet. At first, it was a bit too short for my taste … who can summarize such an art into so few pages … Well Avi Salmon can!

No second chance for first impression.

If you are an experienced presenter and have read couple of books in the subject, I recommend this book for you. It is short, to the point and no-nonsense type of book. You can tell that Avi Salmon writes from experience and not from a theoretical point of view. I like the format and the content just because he has removed the most obvious things. The emphasis is on how to get the “special connection” that you sometimes get and sometimes miss.

Another interesting topic, even if not new, is the art of asking questions. It is a powerful tool if used correctly. There are some interesting discussions in the book. Avi Salmon has a quite interesting opinion on “first impressions” that I really like. It is much more important then with think and it is very hard to change.

“This book is short and to the point.”

Here are some of my notes from the book:

  • How to build rapport with your audience
  • How to format your message and story to be easily understood and perceived.
  • How to work with you presentation and topics to differ for the average “powerpoint templated” presentation.
  • There is a section on how to modernize your topics which is really good.
  • Ask questions, when, how and what type of questions should you use in different occasions.
  • I love the fact that Avi Salmon uses his own experience and not re-tells stories and techniques used by Martin Luther king, US presidents or Steve Jobs. Honestly, very few people can mimic these people and be successful. Copying Steve Jobs will make 99,9999% of the people to look and sound like a fool.
In summary, I recommend this book, it is worth the investment in time and money.
Any and all comments are welcome!

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  1. David April 4, 2014 at 10:36 #

    Dear Shahram,

    I can highly recommend ‘Resonate’ by Nancy Duarte. If you have an iPad, I recommend buying the digital version. Resonate is not so much about the opening of a presentation, it’s more about story telling. I found it quite fascinating.

    Best regards,

    • Shahram April 5, 2014 at 13:01 #

      Thanks David, Have had Nancy Duarte’s book in my list of to-reads for a long while. Haven’t purchased it yet. Last time I checked it wasn’t available for Kindle, will check again.


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    roger vivier online

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