LinkedIn features for super users

80% of the linkeIn users are happy with their profile page and their LinkedIn home page. However, there are lots more to LinkedIn then that.

Which version should you get?

There are 4 different versions of LinkedIn.
The free version and the rest you have to pay for. They all come in a subscription version. Most of the value you get if you are actively looking for a new job or trying to recrute people.
If you actively use LinkeIn to create communities, work with groups of profiles, you will find the business plans worth the cost. Also, if you work with dynamic searches for keeping track of who is doing what and when, the paying accounts are invaluable. More on this subject in coming blogs.


LinkedIn Groups are a great feature. Most probably you will find groups that will support your interest or business. If not, it is very easy to create one.
The more you invest in these groups the more you get back. The hard part is to find a group that is active enough and holds the same level of professionalism as yourself. Some groups may be invitational only. You can always apply for membership. Your profile and past posts will play an important role here.

Couple of tips,
Be careful with your posts as you have to choose who you want to publish the information to.
Remember that your posts are editable for a short while after posting.
Check out the settings page for groups as some generate lots of updates. If you have e-mail notification you will get spammed by these groups.


LinkedIn Applications are useful widgets you can add to your profile page to add more value.
I have found these useful:

  • WordPress, linking in your wordpress blogs.
  • TripIt, if you use TripIt for your travels, this will add some info on where you are or have been.
  • Bookshelf, Both Amazon and Financial Times provide a good app for adding which books you are currently reading or have read.
  • Tweets, you can add a box of your tweets. I have stopped using this as I use twitter for all sorts of private talks. I had to filter out the things I tweet about and my professional life. With that said, you can always create a professional tweeter account.

There lots more applications to add. Be careful adding too many. Ask yourself, does it provide value? if it does, go crazy!

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2 Responses to LinkedIn features for super users

  1. Joseph Ruiz September 27, 2011 at 14:57 #

    I’ll be interested to read what you have to say about the paid subscription features I am beginning to use Linked In for my business. Still don’t quite understand the additional value of paid Linked In.
    Thanks for providing this info.

    • Shahram September 27, 2011 at 20:54 #

      Thanks for the comment Joe, I have a blog coming with some details about linkedIn for small businesses. I have used the service for a short while …

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