Outsourcing customer service to India! incredible story

I helped a friend and his company to find an outsourcing alternative for programming, maintenance and technical customer service a while back. We found a number of good companies with a long list of references. Long story short, we found one, the results were really good. The code translations from Cobol to Visual Basic went really well.

Customer service with English accent please!

The last part of the puzzle was to get the customer service part installed. After a number of meetings some of the calls were routed to the outsourced company. After a while the feedback from the customers were that the accent and the melody wasn’t as they expected. As the customers pay extra for this service, an investigation was conducted. It showed that the customers would prefer an English accent.

Can do! (there is no other type of answers for “Linchpins“)

The outsourcing company was contacted and here comes the amazing … The manager of the company says; well, we can do that, give me 3 month!
After less than 3 month, the customer service spoke Queens English. Now, how they did it, what motivates people to take any challenge and deliver is the amazing part.

Regardless of if the demand from the customers were valid or not, or even if one should take such demands seriously. The most amazing part is that when challenged with such a thing as dialect and melody in language. They trained people to use a different melody. This is the type of companies that will prosper and grow.


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2 Responses to Outsourcing customer service to India! incredible story

  1. Dane Findley July 2, 2011 at 19:13 #

    This post calls-to-mind so many different responses, I hardly know where to start. Let me just say this: the world is changing. quickly.

    • Shahram July 2, 2011 at 20:08 #

      Thanks Dane for the comment. I completely agree. The world is changing rapidly and people adapting and changing with it will be success stories of tomorrow.


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