Use LinkedIn for finding a new job

By now, there are probably 100 job search-sites for each profession. To be successful in finding the right job you, have to get the few important basics down.
Get your CV updated. If you haven’t … well it is never too late. Get a proper professional template and start writing. There are a couple in Microsoft word and Pages on Mac, Check out as well.
If you have a LinkedIn account why don’t you start cut and pasting to get started. While you are at it double check your profile and update as much as appropriate.

Now, using LinkedIn for promoting yourself and getting prospects is fairly straight forward. Login and go directly to the Advanced Job Search page. Start with a broad search and filter down. You don’t want to get discouraged from the first click. Once you have the first attempt done, save your search. Refine and save until you have a handful of searches with the best possible job to the one you can tolerate …

Save your searches because  you want to go back to them at least once a day to check for changes!

Dependent on your budget, I would suggest that you upgrade your account to Business Plus  for couple of month. This will give you more settings and allow more saving features. One very good feature is alerts, you’ll get alerts as soon as something changes in your searches.

The second important step is to getting noticed. Start re-connecting to people you know with a fun and pleasant message. Get involved in groups that interest you. Be generous, help people, get people connected.

The most important action is to get involved, share and be generous. These attributes will get people to notice you and get you connected!

Looking forward to your comment, do you have tips and tricks to share? I will be happy to add them to the blog.

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