Silent “New Mail Alert” on the iPhone

There is only one…. ONE thing in the whole world that bugs me with the iPhone. I would like to have “new email” alerts only by vibrate and no sound. The sound drives my family crazy! I am already crazy so !

There is no built in feature for a silent “new email” alert. Either you have sound+vibration or nothing at all.

I found a trick! Adding a silent ring tone and assigning it to the “new email” alert will just do the trick. If you know how to do it. Here is the file: silence ringtone for iPhone

Now, if you need more info, read along.

  1. Download the file: silence ringtone for iPhone
  2. Unzip it
  3. Drag it to you iTunes library.
  4. You’ll find the file now under  “Tones”
  5. Connect your iPhone and drag the silent file to your iPhone. The iPhone will recognize the file and it will be available for you.
  6. On you iPhone, Go to Settings, Sounds and further down the list, you’ll find “new email”.
  7. Choose the silent.

There you go, only vibration on new emails.

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