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Preparing for a race is a funny activity, specially if you don’t know how … It seems that either you are 100% dedicated and should read up and join a cult or what ever you do will not be enough! So I did what every sane person would do, started to read everything I could get my hands on! Slowley, I am becoming a nerd … I can feel it. 

When you can turn any discussion topic to you and your last race, well, you are a nerd!

Now, here is tracks after the race. It was 95 km. Here is a map of the actual race.

Here is the elevation map of the race. If it looks intimidating, well it is because it is! 🙂

Elevation map Kinnekulle

Elevation map Kinnekulle

Here is a short transcript of how I prepared.

  1. Try to train on a track similar in elevation.
  2. The distance you can vary. Given that you are decently good trained!
  3. Now, make the hard parts harder by using more weight or a harder gear. Don’t gear up or down like you normally do. Delay the gearing to torture yourself slightly longer.
  4. I found that the best is not to think too much … it might be a personal deficiency but just jumping on the bike and trying to race as fast as you can is the best preparation.

My wife told me: You think too much and analyze things too much. Just go out and do it!

With that great quote, go out and just race. Save the time and money on the books and sites. Nevermind all the apps. Beleive me, I have bought them all and gone back to MotionX-GPS. Great and simple yet feature-ful app.

Comments and specially opinions are welcome … as always.


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2 Responses to Preparing for a race …

  1. David April 4, 2014 at 10:46 #

    As a passionate endurance runner (especially trail and alpine terrain), I can see your point that you are making under 3. While after lots of reading, several races, many kilometers and meters in altitude I am still not an expert, the training effect seems to be much higher when you push yourself above what one considers the limit.*

    Recently I read something like “If you feel comfortable, you won’t make any progress” in regards to training. I believe this to be true. So we have to decide: Do we want to be running/cycling and to enjoy ourselves, or do we want to progress in terms of fitness and reach a certain goal? Both options are fine, no judgment here.

    *I am saying on purpose “considers”, because what we consider the limit is usually only the limit in our mind, but not the limit of our body 🙂

    • Shahram April 5, 2014 at 13:00 #

      Thanks David for your great comment. I agree with you completely. I have found that things even get with age. Not necessarily easier but more fun.

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