Why Blackberry will lose to iPhone and Android

Blackberry has been marketed as the business phone for many years. They tried to market a consumer phone and failed miserably. It is not easy to copy apple. Let’s not even get into that discussion. People want to have nice things, fashionable things and things that has a hype around it. Regardless of blackberry dominance in business, you see more and more business people having iPhones. When iPhones came, the higher up in the org. you were the more likely that the company let o have both iPhone and blackberry. The symbol of status was to have two phones. The execs got tired of having two devices and started to use the web mail on the iPhone and ditch the blackberry.

Security, control and simple devices features that are commodity now.

The features that made Blackberry what it is today is their strategy for security, remote control and complete integration with Microsoft Exchange. These are commodities today as everyone had them. The iPhone and Android phones comes with all that and at the same time provides so much more. Creating an phone OS is not a simple and cheap thing. You have to have companies as Google, Apple and Microsoft to be successful. RIM, as showed in the latest version 6 doesn’t really have what it takes. The UI, list of new features and the quality of the hand set is lagging behind. Even Ericsson and Nokia phones are getting better looking and providing more features.

Next generation of CIOs will not choose Blackberry’s business model and cost of ownership

The current generation of CIOs and businesses has chosen and invested in the Blackberry servers. However, new CIOs and businesses will discover that the features provided at a premium price are really nothing more than the free or much cheaper versions provided by Apple and Google. So when the next generation of CIOs get into their office, the dominance of blackberry will be diminish, the complex setup and cost of ownership of a blackberry enterprise system cannot be defended when the actual ROI is not valid anymore.

Blackberry depends on old customers and old-investment protection.

I summary, the current position of blackberry is very much dependent on the current generation of IT And mobile connectivity purchasers. We will see that more modern companies will explore and verify that the level of security needed is met with the iPhone. The dominance is built on an old business model and an old structure.

So within 5 years, blackberry will be an marginal player in an ever shrinking market for business phones. Unless, of course,they rethink the design and stop coming up with “safe” designs. Having touch screen and keyboard, only says that they are too afraid to lose rather than wanting too gain anything new.

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      Thank you for your comment. Hope to provide more content that you like in the future.

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